The Creative Farm Prototype

The Creative Farm Prototype has been under development since we opened our first Creative Farm in the fall of  2008.  Since we started, many new shared space offices have opened in the Front Range.  They cater to a variety of users, as well as offering very flexible arraingements, including drop-in users.  These are great concepts, and serve an important segment of the work community.

Our approach is focused solely on providing collaborative work spaces for creatives.  We believe that putting creatives together under one roof, providing the infrastructure they need to work, and also providing a wide economic range of spaces allows them to focus on what they do best-be creative.  

We observe how the creatives in our different spaces interact, how they use common space, and how they use private space.  We also follow trends in work spaces-from Palo Alto to Boston and beyond, to gain insights into how we can best serve creatives.

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