Walking Meetings

At The Creative Farm, we are always looking for ways to integrate our work with our values.  Walking meetings (they are not new-Aristotle walked with his students as he taught) are a simple and effective way to integrate exercise and work. Instead of sitting in a conference room or you office, you take a stroll with your client, colleague, or associate.  There are a number of benefits that come from this.

By way of background, the Surgeon General recommends taking 10,000 steps a day for general health and wellness.  That translates to about a 30 minute walk.  I know some of my best thinking comes when I am on a run, walking in the neighborhood, or hiking.  This can translate seamlessly to work as well. There are benefits on a number of levels. As creatives, there are even more benefits.  Here are a few ideas gleaned from various sources:

1.Walking energizes people, increases alertness, and keeps them focused.

2. Different environments can inspire new ideas and stimulate creativity.  Parks, quiet streets, and walking paths are all great options.  Avoid busy streets and their distractions.

3. Being outside with fresh air and natural light helps you physically and improves mental well-being.

4. When you are walking and talking side by side, you cut through work distinctions.  This sets people at ease and stimulates new ideas.

5. Walking stimulates oxygen flow.  This increases brain function and increases the ability to solve problems faster.

6. Walking, and moving in general, allow the mind to be more flexible which stimulates the right side (creative side) of the brain.

7. Being outside can increase confidentiality (this may seem counter-intuitive, but it works) and decreases interruptions.

8. We are looking for ways to integrate our work and personal lives, and engaging the mind and body is a more holistic way to work.

9. By choosing a walking meeting, you are expressing your desire to work with clients and staff in new and stimulating ways, reflecting your general outlook of thinking differently.  Clients and staff appreciate this.

It is pretty simple to have a working meeting.  It’s like a regular meeting, only more productive, fun, creative, and stimulating.  You can still have an agenda. Be sure the person (or people) know you will be walking, and they have appropriate shoes. Check the weather.

When the opportunity comes up, give this a try.  You will be surprised how clients respond, and how easy it is to integrate this into your busy schedule.

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